Paul Fell Cartoons

About Paul

Paul Fell grew up in Massachusetts but headed west to Nebraska to play college football and study art. He married a Nebraska farm girl and discovered that the Cornhusker state and its people had grown on him. So he stuck around - and has been there ever since. Over the years, Paul has been a high school art teacher, coach, and a college art professor, in addition to pursuing a career in cartooning.

Paul Fell started drawing editorial cartoons as a freelancer while teaching high school art in Auburn, NE. At one point before joining the former Lincoln (NE) Journal as editorial cartoonist, he was creating five cartoons a week for four different newspapers. During his years with the Journal, he self-syndicated his editorial cartoons to newspapers in the state of Nebraska, almost exclusively.

Fell was the editorial cartoonist and newsroom artist at the former Lincoln (NE) Journal newspaper from 1984 to 1992. When his position was eliminated without warning, he decided to try his luck at being his own boss. He has been operating his freelance cartooning and humorous illustration studio, Paul Fell Cartoons, ever since. Paul has contracted with newspapers and other media organizations nationally and around the world for cartoons on politics, sports, news, and education, among other subjects.

Paul figures that if he can make a living as a cartoonist out in the heart of the Great Plains, he can make it anywhere. He takes pride in being able to cope with Nebraska's extreme weather conditions and feels only contempt for those Midlanders who move to places like Arizona and spend the rest of their days bitching about how they miss the change of seasons.